Altus IT

“Our deep analysis of the telco market in our region showed that Cogent has an unbeatable SLA and excellent pricing.” - Vjekoslav Dalić, Altus IT

Altus IT is the leading carrier-independent data center in Croatia and offers a wide variety of support solutions that allow organizations to enhance their business, IT, and cloud strategies. Acting as a meeting point, Altus IT connects telecoms, customers, and partners to open up new business opportunities and facilitate the rapid establishment of partnerships.

The carrier’s bandwidth requirements address two main business areas: to supply Altus IT colocation customers with reliable permanent upstream and to support Company IaaS cloud service offerings.

For Altus IT, the key decisive elements in provider selection are network reliability and SLA levels that satisfy the needs of their clients’ requirements. The SLA Cogent offered was unbeatable and led to the contracting decision with Cogent.

As a Cogent customer, Altus IT has a multiyear history of great business cooperation and 100% fulfillment of the SLA.